As a performance coach at Athletes Warehouse and completing the Precision Nutrition education course, I have the opportunity to offer the best of both worlds to all of our current and future clients/athletes. My nutrition philosophy is based on several key principles. Proper hydration, adequate sleep/recovery, consuming nutritionally dense foods, minimizing processed sugars, understanding macronutrients and how they related to healthy dietary habits, and how training and nutrition can be used to optimize your progress and reach your goals. My first step is to create positive habits, maintain consistency, and debunk any myths they might have regarding nutrition. It’s vital to understand that reaching your nutritional goals takes time, proper education, and consistency.

Nutrition Assessment 

2 Meetings. Review current nutrition habits and provide guidance on necessary changes to reach goals. Meetings are scheduled 1 week apart.


Nutrition Consultation

After completing a nutritional assessment. 30 min meetings to discuss progress towards goals and changes (if necessary) that should be implemented


Nutrition Plan (1-on-1 Counseling) 

8-week commitment. Includes nutritional assessment of current eating habits and body composition, nutrition education, weekly phone meetings to review progress


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