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SSA is the brain child of Coach Cassie Reilly-Boccia. The primary mission of SSA is to empower young female athletes to better themselves from a physical, mental, and performance perspective.


  • The evaluation process for strength and conditioning training involves an in-person consultation with an AW coach. The coach will take the athlete through a general movement screen as well as discuss their goals for beginning training. From there, the coach will be able to discuss the best prescription for training that is best suited for that particular athlete. 


  • Can't get to Athletes Warehouse to train with Velo-U? No problem! Join the army of athletes that has begun remote training with Coach Nick Serio and our team of coaches at Velo-U. Each athlete will gain access to their online program via our app. Weekly check-ins, mechanical breakdowns, and programs backed by the latest science is what you can expect when training remotely with our team! By clicking the link above you will be directed to an email. Please tell us more about you and how we can better serve you! 


  • 1-on-1 training is recommended for a specialized athlete seeking specific advancements in his or her training. The athlete will have the undivided attention of the coach for a full 45 minutes as they take the athlete through a training program specifically designed for his or her individualized needs.  


  • Tier 1 - Tier 1 sessions are more expensive as they are with a coach that has over 8 years of experience in the field of strength training athletes.

  • Tier 3 - Tier 3 sessions are conducted with coaches that have less than 5 years in the field of strength and conditioning training. Click here to meet our Tier 3 


Private Partner & Small Group

  • Group training consists of 45-minute training sessions that have anywhere from 2 athletes (partner) to 3-6 athletes (small group) per coach. All group training must be booked by appointment only via email (