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Velo university is the brain child of Dr. Nicholas Serio. The mission of Velo University is to educate each athlete enough so they can become their own coach and learn to throw harder in a safer and more effective manner.

Train in-house with ALPHA + VELO-U



VELO U Performance is the emergence of a partnership between Athletes Warehouse and Velo University.  With this partnership, we have taken the renowned principles of the ALPHA performance program and intricately blended several elements to make the most comprehensive program for any baseball athlete looking to gain arm velocity.  Much like the ALPHA program, this velo program is built on a year-round design with the flexibility of having a member join at any time.  This flexibility is afforded by each athlete partaking in an extensive evaluation process comprised of the following elements:


Evaluation Process:


  1. Movement/Joint Screen 

  2. Performance Screen

  3. Throwing Diagnostic

  4. Nutritional Diagnostic

  5. Soft-Tissue Diagnostic


Once the evaluation process is completed each athlete will be provided an individualized program that will take into consideration all elements from the evaluation process. 


Program Elements:


  1. Mobility/Joint Stability Progression (Injury Prevention)

  2. Strength Training Program

  3. Velocity Based Throwing Progression

  4. An Initial Nutritional Outline

  5. An Initial Soft-Tissue Program


The program is progressive and adaptive in nature. Based on the data we are constantly collecting from your athlete both their strength and throwing process will be automatically updated daily.  It is with this that we feel superiorly confident in stating that the program will masterfully monitor the stress load applied to the athlete and that this monitoring will be what ultimately leads to a constant progression of performance for you or your athlete.  The previous statement is one that we do not take lightly and what you (the consumer/athlete) need to truly understand.  We are only able to accomplish the aforementioned promise through specific partnerships with different technology-based companies that we have built our system around.  These partnerships help us monitor the recovery and readiness of each athlete and ensure that they are progressing in the most efficient and SAFEST manner possible.  We utilize/suggest the following technology to help monitor your athlete’s performance.




  1. Rapsodo Pitching Analysis

  2. Whoop Recovery Band

  3. Push Velocity Based Training Software

  4. Athletes Warehouse Strength Performance App

  5. Pocket Radar Velocity Testing

  6. Coaches Eye Motion Analysis

  7. Calm Meditation App

  8. Arm Care Digital Dynamometer

  9. MacroStaxx Nutritional App

  10. Motus Sleeve Technologies


These technologies have been thoroughly tested over the past few months to ensure that we can accurately measure different performance metrics that will be imperative to you (or your athlete’s) future success.


This program is designed for 6 days a week of training with two of the days carefully designed to be completed outside of the facility if necessary.  With that in mind, we have negotiated with all the product providers we use to get every member a significant discount on any product so that they never need to miss a training session.


Now that we have told you what the program is - here is what it is not:


  1. This program is not an after school activity!  As part of the evaluation process, the coaching staff will be subjectively evaluating the maturation level of the athlete in order to determine if this program is a good fit for them.

  2. The program is not for an athlete that is questioning their passion for the sport of baseball! The intensity of the program will be taxing both physically and mentally.  Please understand that our ultimate intention is to set every athlete up for the largest possible chance for success.  With that being said if you are unsure of your passion (or your athlete’s passion) for the game of baseball please discuss with the coaching staff and they will suggest one of our other service options.

  3. This program is not a weighted ball, medball, or any other singular implement based program!  While overweighted and underweighted elements may be utilized within the program remember the program is specifically designed for each individual athlete. There is no one size fits all to athlete development! 

  4. This program is not just for pitchers! In previous iterations of this program, we have had several non-pitchers who have gone through our progressions with incredible success. Improvements in arm velocity can be beneficial to any position on the field! 

  5. Your acceptance into this program is not guaranteed month to month!  As with all of the programming, data collection, and throwing progressions, each athlete is being evaluated from a dedication, maturation, and readiness perspective each month.  If at any time the coaching staff feels that an athlete is not ready for this program or is not progressing the way they should they will be transferred to either another service or provided a refund.  We say this not elicit fear but to have each athlete understand that the amount of time and energy that goes into preparing this program is so significant, that any time applied in the wrong direction could be detrimental to the entire program.  Rather than take this as a brash threat, I challenge you to view this as a promise from our team of coaches, that we are putting forth the most amazing effort possible for you or your athlete and will stop at nothing to ensure that is achieved.

Train remotely with VELO-U



Can't get to Athletes Warehouse to train with Velo-U? No problem! Join the army of athletes that has begun remote training with Coach Nick Serio and our team of coaches at Velo-U. Each athlete will gain access to their online program via our app. Weekly check-ins, mechanical breakdowns, and programs backed by the latest science is what you can expect when training remotely with our team! By clicking the link above you will be directed to an email. Please tell us more about you and how we can better serve you!