When observing the detailed movement requirements of a cheerleader we can see the broad range of movement capacity required out of the athlete. In our context, movement capacity can be described as the ability to perform a wide range of patterns (jumping, twisting, flipping, landing, balance on a single leg, handstand, etc.) with efficiency and stability. With this, a successful cheerleader must possess the prerequisite strength to produce a massive amount of force as well as have the stability to...
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Are we trying to sell you on our in-season training product? That’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re trying to sell you because what we want our athletes to understand is that Athletes Warehouse is our passion and our livelihood. When you all step out of our facility and onto the field, you are a representation of Athletes Warehouse. Therefore you represent our passion and our livelihood. Over the past off-season, watching all of you excel and completely transform yourselves into...
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Fear had very rarely been a term I would have ever used when it came to playing sports. I loved them, had a passion for them; they became a safe haven for me as I got older. Between softball and basketball, I felt fearless while playing – like nothing could touch me. It created a sense of exhilaration that only those who played would truly understand. Hitting a three-pointer with the shot clock winding down or making the crazy, incredible...
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While we have had the luxury of getting our athletes in the building multiple times per week, many of these athletes are practicing the specific skills of their sport simultaneously in the same week or even in the same day. We generally see two types of back dysfunction that are exposed during movements performed in the weight room. Extension-Based Back Pain This is usually a result of an aggravated joint in the lower back. Where this pain is usually exposed...
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Before we start, I want to encourage every single one of you to keep reading. Even when it seems like this is just “another one of those articles” or it seems like it just doesn’t pertain to you. This topic is one that we must continue to talk about even when it is hard or doesn’t feel like it applies to us. In the past six months, the mental health initiative throughout the athletic community, and pretty much the human...
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In life, it is my belief that there are two things you can control in any given situation – your EFFORT and your ATTITUDE.  This concept speaks true to everything in your life – from your school work to your sport, even to your relationships with others and yourself.  No matter the circumstance, the only two things you have control over is the effort and attitude which you put forth. Often times when speaking on a topic such as this, it is...
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In the depths of a primitive powerlifting gym, the strongest men and women in the world performed displays of strength in the back squat that pushed we know as human limits. I was only in high school, so my exposure to strength training was just beginning. What amazed me the most about these men was not how much load they squatted with 100% of their max, but how fast and explosive they could lift 85%. It only made sense to...
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Buy-in as a construct Buy-in as a construct is an elusive amoeba that is magnificently apparent both in its void and presence; unfortunately, the elusiveness is illuminated through the fleetness with which it can come and go.  Managers, coaches, captains, and several others in leadership positions have long been enamored by the struggles attached to the cultivation of this ideal amongst their team and more often the sustainable nature of it’s being once initially realized.  But why such contention about...
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If you follow us on social media or have watched any of our Youtube videos lately, you will notice that many of our athletes have been training barefoot. I wanted to take a moment and explain why. For some time now, podiatrists have termed shoes, “foot coffins” with the intention of highlighting the potentially damaging impact a sneaker can have on the musculature, connective tissue, and ultimately functionality of the foot/ankle complex. These damaging effects are resulting from a reduction...
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As a performance coach, we focus so much on how our athletes move yet we don’t always get an opportunity to observe how the athlete responds to game-like stimuli. Due to this, I was provoked to dive into this deeper when an athlete of mine had every athletic tool necessary to be successful in their sport yet when we incorporated a game-like scenario where she was required to respond to a visual stimulus, it appeared there was a delay in...
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It’s 5:00 a.m. the alarm is going off, the first opportunity of the day presents itself; do you hit snooze or do you get up and move to the next stage of your day?     It’s this moment; it’s in these seconds, these seconds before rolling over to address this obnoxious noise permeating from whatever device you utilize to reminder to your body that the day is upon us, that we hear thousands of conscious thoughts battling for center...
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Being injured isn’t easy. Ask any player, in any sport, who has dealt with an injury and they will probably all respond the same: It is one of the hardest challenges you can face as an athlete. Through this article, I can’t speak for every athlete that was ever injured, but I can speak for myself. My Story Heading into college I had never dealt with a major injury. I had broken a few bones but never suffered from a...
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Training the Cheerleader
March 14, 2019
In-Season Training
February 25, 2019
Returning From Injury
January 28, 2019




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  • You are never too young to train when you have
    15 hours ago by ath_warehouse You are never “too young” to train when you have the proper intention behind your training.
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    4 days ago by ath_warehouse 1:6 - The ratio of Coach Jack’s abs to his years on the planet Join us in wishing Coach Jack the happiest of birthdays!!
  • We utilize short proprioceptive actions 3 Reps followed by a
    1 week ago by ath_warehouse We utilize short proprioceptive actions (3 Reps) followed by a 10 second isometric contraction at the end position of the movement. The isometric contraction has been shown to provide an analgesic effect in the area being contracted, which can be very beneficial following a large volume of high effort throwing.
  • repost coachserio  Yet another Female Alpha member who just
    2 weeks ago by ath_warehouse  #repost   @coach_serio  ・・・ Yet another Female Alpha member who just lives, acts, and responds like a 10-year veteran.  @rileafusco  supplies an incredible response when discussing her role this year on her college team (No.4 in the country btw). What’s so powerful about her response is the emotional maturity to understand that she is a piece of something bigger. She masterfully demonstrates how she must suppress her ego and remain task focused. She admits to moments of frustration but quickly assures that these feelings too subside as she continues to push, fore she knows there will be moments when she is
  • By continuing training in season we are attempting to provide
    2 weeks ago by ath_warehouse By continuing training in season, we are attempting to provide the athlete with the optimal levels of stress that enables them to maintain a high level of performance on the field....