"At Top Level Arms, we're advancing the normal pitching lesson all under one rood. Elite level strength training combined with medicine ball mechanics, proper nutrition, video analysis, and functional range conditioning, all go into creating the most comprehensive pitching program."

- CJ Riefenhauser


A key to success is understanding the importance of preparation.

Prehab is a technique we utilize to ensure that the musculature of the entire human chain is accurately activated, addressing sequencing and strength demands.


Mechanics are easily engrained via the use of medicine balls.

Mechanics are quite possibly one of the most influential components affecting pitching performance.  We use medicine balls to ingrain proper mechanics, as they have been proven to improve not only mechanics but velocity without adding stress to the arm.


Greater Force Application = Greater Velocity

It has now become common knowledge that Athletes must strength train to not only get stronger and perform better but to remain healthy by reducing the occurrence of injury prone positions.  Pitchers must have the ability to create and exert immense force in order to throw the ball at high velocities.  


A pitching session should consist of much more than throwing for 45 minutes.

Utilizing video analysis will help the athlete truly understand what it is they must improve upon.  It allows the interpersonal relationship between the coach and athlete to become visually addressable.


There are throwers and then there are PITCHERS.

The difference between being a high-velocity thrower and a pitcher is understanding the intricacies of the game, position, and the situational demands set upon you as a pitcher.  CJ has vast experience not only being in these situations but also working with young aspiring pitchers to learn and master this art.


A high velocity thrower is bolstered by an individualized arm care program.

Throwing a baseball is perhaps the most joint aggressive action that the human body can create.  The fact that we must complete this highly aggressive action numerous times over a game, means that the attention paid to the arm care program (done after a throwing bout) must be a strictly enforced as the performance program which preceded the pitching bout.