Meet Team AW

Team AW is comprised of highly educated, passionate, and authentic individuals, who have helped create our amazing culture.  We are defined not by the success of the company but by the success of our community!

Athletic Performance Training

It is becoming well known that performance training is an essential component to any athletes adequate progression, from both an attribute and injury preventative perspective.  Athletes Warehouse has quickly become one of the leaders of this industry, specializing in the training of the student athlete.

Expanding Your Knowledge

When people become educated, you can’t control them, you can’t frighten them.  People who are educated know their own power and don’t surrender it to others.  Through our continuous self-educating efforts we look to empower all of our community with the tools necessary to become their best versions of self.


  • I have had the pleasure to be going to Athletes Warehouse for 3 years for hitting lessons and strength and conditioning classes. The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable, personable and effortlessly puts a smile on every person who walks into their facility. Any questions or inquiries I’ve had about any of my workouts have always been answered and explained in a timely fashion. The positive atmosphere at Athletes Warehouse is infectious and I am so grateful to be apart of it. Not to mention how dedicated each staff member is towards helping every athlete be the best version of themselves they can be. 10 stars is only an understatement.

    Softball Athlete
  • I have been coming to AW since they opened, working out with both teams and small groups. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and I’m convinced this is the best gym in the area. I have seen athletes ranging from Professional Baseball players to local moms at AW, and the environment is comfortable for both types. I would definitely recommend this gym.

    Baseball Athlete
  • I’ve been coming to AW since the fall and it has been fricken awesome. The trainers give all their attention to bettering the athlete they’re training and every time you walk through the door you’re greeted with a smile. My team also trained here in the fall and we all loved it…. and also went on to doing very well during the season. Pleasantville boys lacrosse, Yorktown softball, and Yorktown girls lax trained at AW and all 3 won section championships. You’re guaranteed to feel great after you leave so I strongly recommend it. I couldn’t see how someone could say anything negative about it.

    Lacrosse Athlete
  • Two years ago I walked into Athletes Warehouse not knowing a lot about lifting or being strong and fast. From the first session and every one after that, it has been a constant learning and bettering myself as an athlete and specifically as a softball player (with Cassie and Ryan through Softball Strength Academy). Now, AW is like a second home since I’ve gotten to train with and know each and every staff member and have a blast with all of them, and they are all equally awesome. I leave for college to play softball at Stony Brook in two weeks and I can undoubtedly say that because of this place I feel ready. Cassie and Ryan have helped with softball mental and physical skills and every other staff member has taught me immeasurably how to maximize my athleticism. If you’re an athlete in the area and don’t come here you’re crazy because there’s no place like it.

    Softball Athlete
  • Athletes Warehouse provides a safe and friendly environment where both youth and adult athletes can come to train and learn. All of my experience there has been exceptional, the staff is very helpful and want to see you succeed. Personally, I am a baseball player but they offer a wide array of training programs all of which are athlete specific. Anyone who has not been should definitely check it out. Athletes Warehouse is revolutionary for the fitness industry.

    Baseball Athlete
  • I absolutely love it here! I have been committed to play lacrosse in college since my sophomore year in high school and I have been all over Westchester County trying to find the right trainer for me. After I stepped foot in AW, I knew it was the place for me. The staff is very knowledgeable and they are wonderful people. I have been able to workout with other female college bound athletes. These girls have become some of my closest friends. AW is a second home for me and I would just like to thank them for preparing me for the future and being awesome people in general.

    Lacrosse Athlete
  • The best place to grow as an athlete in the area hands down. I heard about Athelets Warehouse through a few friends who highly recommend it and from the moment I stepped foot into the building I knew it was the place to be. They have the best training staff Iv ever worked with, they are extremely personable and really get to each one of their clients. If you are looking to take the next step as an athlete there is no better place to do it!

    Baseball Athlete
  • Athletes Warehouse has helped many teams and individuals throughout the sections. Each and every coach there is dedicated to making each player succeed. The atmosphere when you step foot into the building is uplifting. Every coach has experienced the life as an athlete which helps them relate to the players more as athletes and as people. I can say for myself that my experience working with the staff of Athletes Warehouse has been an absolute pleasure. And i’m proud to call this place my second home.

    Softball Athlete
  • Incredible facility. The staff is so approachable and knowledgeable with regards to strength and conditioning across a vast array of athletic disciplines. I’m a professional distance runner and Athletes Warehouse has brought my performance to a new level. Highly recommended if you are looking to improve, no matter what the sport or the level at which you play.

    Professional Track Athlete
  • Athletes Warehouse is incredible. I highly recommend to any parent that is looking for their son or daughter to get exposure to how to properly and safely train their body for any sport. The staff really knows how to connect with clients and the fact that majority of the trainers were college athletes is completely undervalued. Thanks for everything guys!

  • If it wasn’t for people like Nick Serio, sports in Section 1 would not be of the quality that they are today. He has the intelligence and dedication to help any athlete and any team in any sport get exponentially better. The facility is impressive and so is the work ethic of all the employees at AW. You want to get better and be one of the best athletes in the section? Go to AW. The success of the people that have all trained there is tremendous. They have the evidence to back up their work.

    Lacrosse Athlete
  • Excellent facility with top of the line equipment. Cannot underscore enough how knowledgeable the staff is; many of the trainers/coaches have or are pursuing master’s or doctorate degrees in fitness related fields and are always striving to integrate the latest in fitness technology and research into their training. To call Athletes Warehouse a gym is like calling Amazon and online bookstore. Bottom Line: AW delivers elite results in an unparalleled facility – a paragon of fitness.

    Fitness Enthusiast
  • Let me start by saying Athletes Warehouse is one hell of a facility. The “warehouse” is meticulously laid out and is always CLEAN<

  • Both of our two sons have worked out with Nick Serio and many of the other trainers at AW since they opened. The facility and staff are hands down the finest in Westchester County and we highly recommend it for both youth and adult training. I would give 10 stars if allowed.

  • Always had a fun time working out there, Nick and Matt do a great job connecting with everyone and making tough workouts more enjoyable.

    Lacrosse Athlete
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