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Full, College Style Strength Equipment

A strength and performance facility designed for the individual needs of any athlete. We continuously invest in new gear to ensure the best for our athletes.

Air Pressure Resistance Machines

High-tech pneumatic training equipment allows enables athletes to train at high velocities with low risk.

Huge Turf Field

A large turf field paired with a 50-yard indoor sprinting lane allows agility and speed work even on the snowiest of days.

Multi-Use Training Room

Upstairs, we have areas for athletes to warm up, throw, and train. P.S. – this room may look familiar if you watch our videos a lot.

Full-sized Batting Cages

Four full-sized cages allow both our baseball and softball athletes to practice at any time.

VeloU Pitching Lab

Our VeloU Pitch Design Lab allows our pitchers to work on pitching grips, new pitches, and get feedback from hardware like Trackman, Rapsodo, and other high-speed cameras.